12:51 | 02.04.17 | News | 14901

Ucom: Our connection works smoothly at polling stations

Ucom released an explanation today, noting that their connection works smoothly at the polling stations and the company is not responsible for surveillance failures.

Ucom noted that the company does not deal with the number, installation, operation, or technical and other issues of surveillance cameras. The party responsible is EIC Telecom.

“The company implemented huge efforts in organizing the live broadcast of parliamentary elections on April 2, having applied the latest technologies one month prior to the voting day. As a result, the connection works without interruptions. At the moment, 250 Ucom employees carefully follow the smooth provision of connection and are ready to quickly respond to any connection-related issue at a given time. Moreover, the Central Electoral Committee has been watching the live broadcast since early morning with no issues,” the company’s statement reads.