16:03 | 07.02.17 | News | 13112

Ucom promotes safe internet usage

Today, the 7th of February, marks the Safe Internet Day, celebrated by over 100 countries on all continents across the globe for already the 12th time in a row. This year the celebration of the day goes under the slogan “Let’s Change: Let’s Unite for a Better Internet”, by which the initiators urge all Internet users to join efforts and make the Internet safer and better for all, and in particular, for children and young people.

Starting from today Ucom jointly with “Media Education Center” and “Internet Society” organizations kicks off the “Safe Internet Armenia 2017” six-month program within the frame of which a number of schools in Yerevan and regions will host open classes dedicated to the safe use of the Internet and digital technologies. Educational manuals, tailored to provide consultancy on the Internet ethics and safety issues, will be printed and circulated in the Armenian language.  

The program also foresees holding of two republican contests, which will allow to widely circulate the key terms of Internet safety among parents and children and will enable the involved schools to demonstrate their education initiatives related to the topic. This year the “Safe Internet Armenia 2017” program will contain a new educational component for the teachers of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics.

Workshops, tasks, tailored for school-age children, their parents and teachers, video materials, games, books, media events and other practical steps will also contribute to raising awareness of safe and responsible use of the Internet.

“Within the frame of its CSR activities Ucom pays great attention to educational programs, among which “Armat” engineering laboratories initiative is probably the most notable example to mention. The students of these laboratories learn the most important thing – they learn to create and not to consume. I’m quite convinced that creative minds understand and learn the keys to the safe use of the Internet faster. I call on children and their parents to be more responsible and always keep in mind the simplest rules of the Internet use”, said Tigran Safaryan, the Marketing and Communications Director of Ucom.  

According to Haykaz Baghyan, the Director of Mediaeducation Center, it is desirable that children develop correct habits of Internet use from the earliest possible age, e.g. evaluate personal information, learn to apply safety and privacy settings in their favorite games, apps or tools. Let’s urge children to think before acting, beware of such sites or messages that urge immediate actions, offer attractive things or ask for personal information. Children should learn to be conscious of any button they click and realize that their actions may affect other people positively or negatively.

All those, who are concerned about the Internet content their children consume, may visit www.safe.am, where they can find necessary information and advice on the safe use of the Internet in the Armenian language.

As a reminder, “Safe Internet” program is dedicated to the International Safe Internet Day, celebrated since 2004 on the second day of the second week of the second month of each year. By expanding its boundaries year by year, the pan-European INSAFE initiative brings people together to fight illegal, harmful and inappropriate content.