11:08 | 23.12.16 | News | 10925

Global Game Jam Armenia 2017 Hackathon accepts applications for participation

Global Game Jam international game hackathon will take place for the first time in Armenia, January 20, 2017.

Only 50 people can participate this year in the event, organized by Noor Games and Union of Information Technology Enterprises-UITE. For participation, please register here before January 19.

Let us remind that GGJ hackathons have been organized since 2009. The event will take place in 98 countries this year, including Armenia.

The GGJ game hackathon will last 48 hours. The participants are to bring all the necessary things with themselves (computers, monitors, other technical supplies, stationery, food, etc.)

The theme of the games will be announced by GGJ on the sport. The participants will get acquainted, introduce their visions of the game to be created and form teams of 2-5 members. This means that the participants will have a very little time to self-organize and experiment with new ideas, as they won't have time for the preparation beforehand.

The participants can be developers, artists, animators, script writers, sound designers, etc.
Video games and board games can be created. There will only be age limitation: the participants must be adults (18 years old in Armenia).

The organizers note that the hackathon will be an exceptional opportunity for the participants (enthusiasts, specialists and companies) to get to know each other and form new connections, exchange experience, as well as increase interest in programming, especially in game development.