14:34 | 12.12.16 | News | 11901

Ucom awards Open Game 2016 winners

On December 7 the 6th Open Game Championship of Developers of Computer and Mobile Games was summed up at Tumo Center for Creative Technologies.

Marimba team with its Get’n’Go game became the winner in “Best Game” category in under 18 age group, while Masrik team with its Marvel & United Forces won in “Best Game on Scratch” category.

VAV team with its SURVIVOR game was the first in “Best Design” category.

The winners received AMD 350 000, 160 000 and 200 000 monetary prizes respectively.

B.H.H. team with its Upper 8 and Gradius team with its Vrun won “Best Game Play” and “Best Design” categories in under 18 age group. Ucom awarded them with AMD 270 000 and 200 000 monetary prizes respectively.

Open Game Championship was organized jointly by the Union of Information Technology Enterprises and Orange Armenia in 2011 (now Ucom).
Huawei is the partner of the competition.