14:45 | 25.10.16 | News | exclusive 7119

Findo search system on Product Hunt

Findo (article in Armenian) search system, founded by David Yang, Founder and Chairman of the Board of Directors of ABBYY Company, co-founder of Ayb Educational Foundation and entrepreneur, is now on Product Hunt, where you can vote for the platform.

Product Hunt is a website for introducing IT production, which gives the opportunity to discover and disseminate the latest tech products. Products, receiving the biggest number of votes, appear on the daily top list.

Findo’s PR manager Sophia Arakelyan remarked to Itel.am that Findo can help find lost files, pictures, emails and notification, regardless of their location.

“Findo will easily help find necessary information on Gmail, Google Drive, Dropbox, Evernote, Outlook, OneDrive, YahooMail, as well as in your computer. Findo bots will become your teammates and help your team work faster and more effectively. The system gives the opportunity to search information on Slack, Facebook Messenger, Telegram or Skype, without having to close the app,” Sophia Arakelyan said.