16:18 | 07.09.16 | News | 16848

Senegal Government shows vast interest in Dasaran Educational Program

Today Dasaran hosted Mr. Ousmane Sow, Secretary General of Senegal’s Ministry of National Education.

According to Dasaran, Mr. Ousmane Sow’s visit was organized in the frames of Senegal Government’s interest in Dasaran as a successful modern educational model.

During his visit, Mr. Ousmane Sow had a short tour at Dasaran Educational Center and got introduced to the presentation of the major achievements and successes of Dasaran, as well as the professional electronic platform and tools, particularly School Management and Information System and the Demographic Analytics toolset.

Senegal official presented Senegal’s system of education and the plans for its future advancement with modern information technologies.

At the end of the meeting Mr. Sow promised to present the results of the meeting to the Minister of National Education of Senegal and discuss the upcoming steps for the incorporation of Dasaran educational program in Senegal.