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The first Armenian smartphones - what, where, when?

Technology and Science Dynamics (TSD) presented the first Armenian smartphone - ArmPhone yesterday in Yerevan.

Smartphones produced under “It is time for Armenian…” slogan stand out by their bright screens, quality cameras, and memory.

Itel.am presents the specific features of the first Armenian smartphones.

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The price

5 models of ArmPhone were presented, costing from AMD 51 000 up to AMD 151 000.

The smartphones work on Android. Two models work on Android 6.0, and three others - on Android 5.1.

The most powerful model costs AMD 151 000 and has 5.1 inches Full HD sensor screen, 1.3GHz core processor and 3GB external memory. The internal memory of the phone is 32GB, which can be increased with a microSD card. The smartphone has 13MP rear camera and 8MP front camera. The phone works with 2 SIM cards.

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ArmPhones are displayed in a separate hall at Rossia Mall.

The battery

The company assures that ArmPhone doesn’t fall behind other companies’ smartphones and can work without recharge for up to one day, depending on how extensively it’s used. One of the presented models has a battery that can go without recharge for up to 3 days.

The production

TSD noticed that parts of ArmPhone are imported from the same places where Samsung and Apple order parts for their phones (Hong Kong, Taiwan, China). The most expensive model has a Sony camera. Other 4 models have cameras from different companies.

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TSD also remarked that it’s impossible at present to begin production of smartphone parts in Armenia.

The phones get branding and design in Armenia, their parts are ordered abroad, and models are assembled in Yerevan.

The body

The most expensive model has aluminum body. There are also models with plastic and even glass bodies.

The market

“We should definitely enter foreign markets, first Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Georgia, etc. Then we’ll try to go farther. There is demand for these smartphones on EAEU market, and we will continue research. At present we are negotiating with 3 Russian large suppliers. We simply need time,” noted Technology and Science Dynamics CEO Vahan Shakaryan.

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The specific features

The main specific features of ArmPhone are low price, Armenian interface, Armenian ringtones and wallpapers.

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“No other brands provides No Questions Asked Warranty, i.e. if during a year after purchase the phone stops working even though you didn’t drop or break it, we give you a new phone instead of repairing the old one,” noticed Vahan Shakaryan.

The gaps

TSD doesn’t want to open brackets about the batch of ArmpPhones ready for sale. Information on the prime cost of the phone is not revealed as well.

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“In any case, we are prepared to satisfy the market’s demand,” observed the company.

Narine Daneghyan