17:23 | 01.03.16 | News | 4015

Beeline removes the poster at Sakharov Square

Beeline decided to dismantle the poster from the firefighters building facade at Sakharov Square.

Beeline Armenia CEO Andrey Pyatakhin announced that on his Facebook page today.

“In order to cease various speculations on this subject once and for all, I officially declare that this decision is a response to numerous requests from our subscribers. We care about our clients a lot and we always pay great attention to their wishes and feedback. I sincerely believe that this decision of ours will once again prove our love and respect for you, dear subscribers of Beeline Armenia.

However, I’d like to take this opportunity to address certain people and organizations that used the situation to engage in ugly “self-PR”. I won’t go into much details, I’ll just say what matters. Beeline is a brand that works in 14 countries; it is a large structure in every country, and in every country the company has procedures, policies and regulations that were initially made in accordance with the laws of the country. We are very careful to keeping within the law, and all our actions are in strict accordance to it.

I would also like to remind that as a socially responsible operator, Beeline invests large means in realization of cultural and social projects in the country since 2008. We are among the top companies by the contribution we made to the cultural sphere of the country and preservation of the heritage of Armenian people,” noted Andrey Pyatakhin.

He remarked that the process of dismantling the poster started in the morning on March 1.