14:51 | 11.12.15 | News | 3194

Beeline awarded for contribution to Armenia's telecommunication sector

Beeline has been awarded with an interstate prize for its significant contribution to the development of Armenia's telecommunication sector.

The award was granted within the 48th session of the Interstate Council of Standardization, Metrology and Certification of CIS. 

''I'd like to thank the organizers and participants of the session for this prestigious award. The diploma is especially important for us as it comes to prove once again that Beeline services meet the international service quality standards. It's yet another stimulus for us to continue improving and making our services more quality, convenient and affordable for our subscribers in future and from now on'', said Beeline Armenia CEO Andrey Pyatakhin.

In October 2015, Beeline was conferred on ''The Operator Offering the Best Price'' title as of the results of the fifth ''The Best Public Employer and Brand of the Year'' national awards. In 2014, the company was named ''The Leading Telecommunication Operator'' and was recognized the best as a result of the 5th Annual Diplomatic and Business Forum in 2 nominations at once - ''Telecommunication Leader'' and ''The Best Foreign Investor''.