12:28 | 27.10.15 | News | 2359

Orange Foundation implements "One Village" project in Paravakar

Orange Foundation has solemnly announced the results of works implemented in the scope of “One village” large-scale project launched in Paravakar border village.

This project, aimed at complex development of the selected rural community, for implementation of which this year Orange Foundation has invested 52 MAMD, is already the second suchlike: the first “One village” project was implemented in Hartavan village of Aragatsotn region in 2014.

In the scope of this project an agricultural cooperative of Paravakar village was strengthened. Considering the engagement of the overwhelming majority of local population in viniculture, a modern tractor, dedicated especially for ploughing the vineyards, was provided to the cooperative, as well as other agricultural equipment. All this enabled members of the cooperative to develop their vineyards more efficiently. In addition, funds were allocated to restore the 2km long part of the water irrigation system of the village, which resulted in reduction of water loss,  making it possible to irrigate additional 25 ha of lands. As a result of which 4 hectares of additional  vineyards have already been planted and a further enlargement is in process. It is anticipated that these changes will increase annual revenue of winemakers by around 30%.

The village kindergarten was as well renovated and furnished in the scope of “One village” project, allowing to double its accommodation capacity. Issues of heating and drinking water supply have been fully tended to. AS a result of building a completely new drinking water pipeline of 3.5Km length, drinking water supply of the village has increased by 30-%. This also allowed to ensure constant water supply to the school of the village.

In the scope of “One village” project financial and human resources were dedicated to the renovation of the medical ambulatory, serving the inhabitants of Paravakar, as well as neighbouring Varagavan and Verin Tsaghkavan communities with 3200 actual population. Namely, flowing water and sewage systems, vital for the performance of the ambulatory, were constructed, doors and windows of the ambulatory building have been changed. Also, a football playground was built in the village to make day-to-day life of young inhabitants more eventful. Costumes and music equipment were provided to the dance club of the village, while the school received computers.

“Everyday problems of rural communities and especially border communities continue to be in the center of the attention of Orange Foundation. We are greatly impressed by the courage  proved daily by the inhabitants of this village , which is situated only 2km far from the border, and we consider it our duty to contribute to the well-being of these people and to make their life a little easier,” said Aleksandr Yesayan, General Director of Orange Armenia.

All works intended to carry out in the scope of the project were implemented by “Shen” NGO, with direct involvement of local population and with the financial support of Orange Foundation.