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“Up, Ball, Up”: Plexonic launches a new game

Plexonic Armenian game development company launched “Up, Ball, Up” mobile game.

The game is available on App Store and Google Play.

Plexonic Director Gevorg Sargsyan told Itel.am that even though the game seems simple at the first sight, it’s quite complicated.

During the game, a ball should be lifted as high as possible overcoming barriers on the way, bypassing the thorns and passing through wide and narrow gates. Each passed gate adds scores. To lift up the ball, one should draw a line on the screen: hitting the line the ball will jump up. The direction of the jump depends on the slant of the line.

“We are sure the game will be attractive to people. Even during the testing phase, we were so enticed by the game that competed with teammates who would score more”, noted Gevorg Sargsyan.

“Up, Ball, Up” producer Hayk Felekyan in his turn noted that one of the best things about the game is that it is at the same time simple and difficult:

''It's simple as anyone can play it, but at the same time, it's difficult as it may keep players in pleasant tension for weeks offering new barriers and making them return to the game to break the previous day's record. Moreover, the game allows sharing your results with your friends awakening a competitive spirit in them'', stressed Hayk Felekyan.

Narine Daneghyan