A convenient office is the key to success of every company. The better the office conditions are, the easier and more productive the creative process is.

As a rule, technology companies have the most innovative offices. In parallel with IT development, their number also increases in Armenia.

Itel.am starts a new series, which will focus on Armenia-based IT offices standing out with innovative and bold solutions.

The app of Zangi company of the same name grants the opportunity to make high-quality video and audio calls, exchange interactive messages, photos and videos even in case of very slow Internet connection.

In total, the Android and iOS versions of the app developed by Armenians has been downloaded over 200 000 to date. 50% of downloads were registered in the territory of Armenia and the rest – abroad.

Zangi office is located in the center of Yerevan, on Northern Avenue. The office windows are fully glassed-in.

The open balcony of the office located on the last floor of a multi-story building looks over the Freedom Square.

Zangi moved to this building a year ago. Back then the company had 25 employees

Zangi prefers Apple computers

Zangi allows writing on the walls; the walls are covered with a special paint which make it possible to use them as a blackboard when need

The lamps hanging from the ceiling a few inches down, creating an additional effect of flatness. It is seen especially during the evening hours when looking from the outside

Armchairs at Zangi belong to Steelcase brand and were brought from France. According to the employees, they are quite convenient

The employees have one-hour lunch, which they can have at the kitchen resembling a cafe

Zangi employees also grow plants

The hottest debates take place in the consulting room

Zangi aims to become a global product

The soft sofas will help get relaxed and work vigorously

Everything to remember

Zangi employees go by such a motto

Orienting by the door

Narine Daneghyan
Photos: Emin Aristakesyan