16:51 | 15.05.15 | News | 3274

“Armix” received new network equipment from VivaCell-MTS

Armenian Internet Traffic Exchange Foundation “Armix” has received new network equipment gratis from VivaCell-MTS.

The cutting-edge HP DL 370 servers donated by VivaCell-MTS will ensure the uninterrupted operation of the Armenian part of the Internet traffic which is processed by “Armix”. The equipment will also allow the operators, which have joined “Armix” to exchange Internet traffic with both 1 GB and 10 GB speed options. Besides, the new servers will improve the access of operators, interconnected through “Armix” to Google Global Cache-GGC and to the biggest provider of Armenian content “Arm-Tube” (www.arm-tube.am).

“VivaCell-MTS provides continuous support to initiatives of creating and developing Armenian content, as well as to organizations regulating the operation of the Armenian part of the Internet. This is how the Company understands and exercises the sustainable approach to the business and considers this an important precondition for the improvement of the sphere,” stated VivaCell-MTS General Manager Ralph Yirikian.

VivaCell-MTS, as one of the initiators of Armenian Internet Traffic Exchange Foundation “Armix” and as a member of its board, continuously supports “Armix”, emphasizing the role of the organization in the development of the Armenian telecom infrastructures and the importance of numerous initiatives of “Armix” aimed at the development of the sphere.