17:38 | 20.04.15 | News | 3394

Rostelecom CEO delivers a lecture at AUA

Hayk Faramazyan, CEO of GNC-Alfa making part of Rostelecom Group, delivered a lecture for the students of College of Business and Economics of the American University of Armenia on April 16.

Hayk Faramazyan shared his experience in the field with the students, presented the latest developments of the Armenian telecommunication sector pointing out the peculiarities, opportunities and challenges that the company has faced on the path of sustainable development.

“Today’s lecture is aimed at presenting the Armenian telecommunication field from the business administration perspective, the history of our company, GNC-Alfa, its formation and development, challenges and approaches to overcome them”, said Hayk Faramazyan.

He added that both Armenian and international major companies’ success stories are based on “expertise and knowledge which are acquired at top business schools such as American University of Armenia’’.

Rostelecom CEO stressed that practical meetings with students will be ongoing.