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Teamable will manage your human resources

The software solutions created by Teamable which is founded by Armenian developers are used in around 20 American companies.

Teamable software solutions help companies create a quality team and manage the human resources.

The company is co-founded by Meruzhan Danielyan, Vazgen Hakobjanyan, Hovhannes Nurijanyan and Laura Bilazarian.

Talking to Itel.am, Meruzhan Danielyan says that they studied together since 2001 and then worked in the same companies.

“Over this time, we have felt many times that the company needs human resource management and the issue should be settled. First, we thought about creating a platform in form of a social network where people could inform they wanted to create a team for some project and note what specialists they needed. When we passed on to the stage of implementation we understood that in fact the market is larger if the idea is offered to a private business in an altered version”, said Meruzhan Danielyan.

The first one of Teamable solutions is an internal network where each associate of a company has his personal page. Here he mentions his skills and knowledge.

“For instance, a manager creates a team of his associates for the new project and he needs a concrete number of specialists. Through the search system, he finds the people. The dynamic growth of the specialist is available to the manager through the software”, Meruzhan Danielyan explains.

Another option (Recruiting) allows using the contact details of associates to find new associates.

“The system (with the permission of a user) scans the social network contacts of the associates of the company and when there is a vacancy it disseminates information among the contacts.  It’s a widely spread practice abroad that a person who brings a good specialist to the company gets a bonus. But people usually don’t want to spend time and send information on the vacancy to their friends. Teamable allows transferring contacts to the HR specialist, not to spend time and earn money as a middleperson in case it’s successful”, Teamable co-founder says.

He notes that as of now, they focus on Recruiting in the first place as it covers a larger market, and there are almost no big players on the international market. In case of the same activity, Teamable hopes to become the market leader.

Touching upon the investors, Meruzhan Danielyan notes that the investments came at the time when they had a product and a strategy to enter a market. Teamable investors are from the U.S., some of them are Armenians.

Narine Daneghyan