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Anonymous “confession” via Truthly

It’s not always easy to confess something to friends or drop them a remark. Truthly.me allows making friends frank and anonymous “remarks”.

Project Co-Founders Hrachya Manukyan, Alexander Adamyan, Mikayel Manukyan and the rest of team members are presently working on Truthly mobile app.

“The idea of Truthly.me occurred when I wanted to drop a “remark” at one of my acquaintances –correcting it, they would become better. I could not say it directly as I was sure it would insult them. I was looking for a way out and I realized that there are more people around me who would like to say something but not tête-à-tête. It was necessary to create a system through which people would be able to know anonymous opinions about themselves”, Truthly Co-Founder Hrachya Manukyan told Itel.am.

Along with his friend Alexander Adamyan he created Truthly website in 2013. The website was launched in August of the same year. Actions peculiar to startups followed – seeking investors, participation in acceleration programs and competitions, team establishment, etc. The international press also wrote about the project.

“We created a mechanism where people would be interested to ask their friends opinions about them. Feedback is available for Truthly. Ask.fm and other such websites do not focus on asking an opinion about you and looking at yourself through the eyes of others but rather on questions and answers”, said Hrachya Manukyan.

According to him, it’s much harder to get funding for these ideas.

“At the initial stage, it’s difficult to convince investors of having created something worthy. We later realized we should create an app and not a website, and we are currently working on it. We are cooperating with Simply Technologies to this end. The app will be ready in around a month and will be regularly updated”, he said.

In order to enter the Russian market, the website’s interface was translated into Russian in March, 2014. As a result, 2000 people from Russia registered on the website within two days.

As of today, Truthly.me has around 6500 users and is integrated with only Facebook, but the authors are going to work with other social websites as well.

“The main issue the website faces refers to the lack of motivation for the regular use of the website. You log in, express opinion about your friend and that’s it. The new mobile app will come with solutions contributing to the regular use of the app”, said Hrachya Manukyan.

Only your Facebook friends can use Truthly to make an anonymous “confession”.

According to him, the app will also have a paid function enabling messages from everyone. Another paid function will allow recalling the sent message.

Hrachya Manukyan informed that the next options of the app will enable an inquiry. For example, you will be able to ask your friends about your look of the day and get statistics in percentages. 

Narine Daneghyan