12:52 | 24.02.15 | News | 3032

Beeline changes payment days for mobile network

Beeline announces the change of payment days for account charges and blocking of  numbers for postpaid mobile subscribers.

“Starting March 2015, Beeline will present the subscribers’ accounts earlier, almost at the beginning of the month. We do it to minimize queues during the days of payment at our sales and service offices. By getting the bill for previous month, subscribers of postpaid accounts will be able to pay earlier which will make servicing in our offices easier and faster”, said Beeline Armenia CEO Andrey Pyatakhin.

Starting March 2015, previous month’s bill will be presented from the second day of ongoing month. The bill should be paid till the 15th day of the ongoing month. If the payment is not made over the period, the outgoing calls will be blocked from the 19th day of the month. In case of non-payment till the 22nd day of the month, the connection will be fully blocked. In case of non-payment of the bill within 3 months, the subscriber contract will be revoked, and the number will be blocked.