12:24 | 13.06.14 | News | 3273

VivaCell-MTS and Fuller Center continue the Housing Project

VivaCell-MTS volunteer staff members and Fuller Center for Housing Armenia team again joined for a build day in the borderline village of Vazashen.

This time the partners helped the extended family of Bakhchagulyans to build their home.

The event has become a realized dream for the family’s grandmother, Zhenya Bakhchagulyan, and a guarantee for a reliable future. The explosion of a mine during the Nagorno Karabakh war claimed the life of Zhenya’s husband, ruined their house, and its walls still carry the traces of the war. The difficulty of bringing up five children alone and being the breadwinner of the family has made Zhenya Bahkchagulyan’s dream of rebuilding the house almost impossible.

Four years ago her son, Albert started rebuilding the house but, for a family earning their daily bread by farming and cattle breeding only, it was a serious problem. The construction of the house remained unfinished as the family raising three under-age sons could not afford it.

Owing to the partnership of VivaCell-MTS and Fuller Center for Housing Armenia the Bakhchagulyans will soon live under a safe roof, and Zhenya will be the eyewitness of her grandchildren’s happiness.

25 families from the borderland villages will enjoy the happiness of living under a safe roof by the end of the year.

For the implementation of housing project in the borderland areas of Armenia VivaCell-MTS has invested 55 million AMD.