18:00 | 14.06.13 | News | 2941

Orange Armenia’s customer to get a ticket to Russia

Today the name of Orange Armenia lucky customer who has received the 50,000th international call of the last week, in the period between June 3 to 9 was announced.

The lucky customer is Anush Hovhannisyan from Masis (Ararat region) who received call from her friend living in Russia. Today Anush received a certificate for an air ticket that he can use during the upcoming summer period, the company informs.

“The customer who received the 50,000th call of last week also receives a ticket to the country where the call was from. We congratulate Anush for receiving that call on the very right moment and wish her a pleasant trip during summer vacation period. We advise all our customers to receive calls from their relatives and friends on their Orange number as this surprise will be repeated for several other customers”, Lilith Martirosyan, Orange Armenia PR manager, noted.

Up to July 28, every week the Orange customer having received the 50,000th international call of at least 1 minute duration, will get one airplane ticket to the country from which he/she has got that call. Lucky customers will be able to make their travel during upcoming summer, for the period of their choice.