16:00 | 16.01.13 | News | 3073

VivaCell-MTS and BirthLink continue the project of equipping regional hospitals

VivaCell-MTS and BirthLink NGO have equipped Noyemberyan's marital hospital with bubble CPAP, pulse oximeter, portable oxygen cylinder, emergency bag, heated mattress, intensive care cot and other neonatal care equipment, which allow the specialists to provide a comprehensive help to the patients.

The company also imformed that the new equipment has already helped to save two babies’ life, who were born with breathing problems.

«Availability of high-quality specialists is crucial in saving human life. However, the willingness to provide high-quality service is directly connected with the special tools available to a specialist, in order for the latter to fully utilize his skills. Modern equipment guarantees effectiveness of the made efforts. VivaCell-MTS also strives to support doctors in all possible ways envisioning the best results,» - says VivaCell-MTS General Manager Ralph Yirikian.