14:45 | 31.05.11 | News | 3105

Orange increased the volumes of fast internet

Yerevan/Mediamax/. Orange Armenia increases the volumes and speed of fast internet.

Mediamax reports that Marketing Director of the Company Aram Mkrtchyan informed today that since June 1, subscribers of the tariff plan with the annual fee of AMD 6000 will receive 2GB fast internet (+1GB), AMD 9000 – 6GB (+2GB), AMD 11000 – 11GB (+3GB), AMD 20 000 – 24GB (+4GB).

According to Aram Mkrtchyan, since June 1, the speed of unlimited internet will also increase: subscribers of the tariff plan with the monthly payment of AMD 6000 after consumption of the limit of high speed traffic, instead of previous 128Kb/sec will receive 256Kb/sec, and for other tariff plans the speed will increase from 256 to 384kb/sec. Besides, the speed of upload will also double.

Marketing Director of Orange Armenia announced two more news, related to internet subscribers. All Orange subscribers, whose term for use of internet services is nearing 12 months, will receive one additional GB of high speed internet monthly in case of concluding the agreement again. Besides, the company will no longer take into account the volumes of high speed traffic, used in night hours. In order to use the free of charge fast internet from 02:00 to 8:00, subscribers should send from their USB modem, MyFi or Flybox devices “NI” key word to 111 number at the beginning of each month.

General Director of the Company Bruno Duthoit noted that due to its services Orange Armenia has made internet affordable in Armenia for dozens of thousands of people, “and we believe that it is a suitable time now to offer our subscribers updated tariff plans”. Bruno Duthoit also informed that the number of internet subscribers of the company has reached 60 000.