12:36 | 09.06.10 | News | 3297

“DigiTec Business 2010” International Exhibition-Forum launched in Yerevan today

Yerevan/Mediamax/. Armenian Prime Minister Tigran Sargsian launched “DigiTec Business 2010” International Exhibition-Forum in Yerevan today.

Mediamax reports that Tigran Sargsian noted at the exhibition that such events have proved their efficiency. He stressed that this is a unique opportunity for IT sphere employees to develop contacts, conclude new agreements, get familiar with each other’s achievements, and on the other hand, this is a sign for the society about the stage of information technologies’ development in the country.

Armenian Prime Minister noted that “DigiTec” is held already for the third time in Armenia, and each year the number of forum participants significantly increases.

Tigran Sargsian mentioned certain indices of the IT sphere, noting that growth stability tendency is observed here. Thus, despite the economic crisis and GDP decline in Armenia, growth was registered in this sphere in 2009. Prime Minister noted that in 2009 the income of IT sphere made $130mln, $70mln of which fell on the share of export. He also stressed that IT share in Armenia’s GDP can already be compared to the ore-raw material industry. At that, 5 thousand people are employed in IT sphere in Armenia.

Armenian Prime Minister noted that one of the important issues at this forum is export and promotion of dual-purpose products and technologies on the territory of Armenia. He noted that a workgroup has already been set up in order to solve this issue. It will present its suggestions in the nearest future.

Besides Armenian companies, companies from Albania, Bulgaria, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Holland, Kosovo, Moldova, Macedonia and Romania also participate in “DigiTec Business 2010” Exhibition-Forum.