12:07 | 17.03.09 | News | 4331

Representatives of Armenian IT sector positively assess AMD devaluation

Yerevan /Mediamax/. As a result of AMD devaluation, the profit of Armenian “Instigate Design” Company, which elaborates program support for customers in the USA and Europe, will increase by 9%.

Director of the Company Arman Poghosyan informed on this, commenting on Mediamax’s request on the influence of national currency devaluation on the activity of their company.

In an interview to Mediamax, Chief Executive of Synopsys Armenia Hovik Musaelyan stated that “appreciating AMD had negative influence on the company’s activity, since its deals were realized in USD, and the central office of Synopsys was forced to send additional financing in USD to Armenia”.

“There are no definite assessments yet as to how exactly AMD devaluation will affect the IT sector, however it is obvious that as a result the exporters will benefit”, Director of “Enterprise Incubator Foundation” Bagrat Yengibaryan stated.

Director of “Nork” Informational-Analytical Center Hayk Chobanyan stated in an interview to Mediamax that AMD devaluation influences the Armenian IT sector “more positively than negatively”.

“Today’s exchange rate is quite closer to the real one and is auspicious for export. The problem, however, is in the fact that facilitation of export terms occurred simultaneously with the global decline in demand for IT production”, Hayk Chobanyan stated.