11:33 | 17.06.24 | News | 13504

Ucom’s General Director Spoke about Personal Growth and Quality Management

Ralph Yirikian gave a speech at the Yerefun business event.

During the event successful professionals in their field presented the most memorable examples of business transformation, addressing the main functions of business, such as operations management, marketing, finance, human resources, sales.

Ralf Yirikian's speech was dedicated to the topic "Personal growth and development as a key to becoming an effective leader", in the framework of which he presented how a leader can ensure the team's efficiency and constant development by inspiring his team, serving as an example and spreading the company's values.

"Everyone knows that a good leader should be knowledgeable and an experienced manager and they need to be able to delegate the work correctly. But, I think, we should discuss more often how the leader can inspire their employees with their personal qualities and values, spread healthy thinking and high ethical standards, which always has a good impact on all the company's indicators,” said Ralph Yirikian, General Director of Ucom.

It is worth mentioning that the event was organized by "Targeting" company with the aim of discussing the possibilities and perspectives of economic activities.

"We are extremely excited to have created a platform that not only brought together more than 200 businessmen and experienced managers, but also provided an opportunity for high-level experts like Ralph Yirikian to share his knowledge and experience with the Armenian business community. I am confident that today's speeches and discussions will be a serious stimulus for the development of the Armenian business ecosystem, revealing new opportunities and solutions that can make a real breakthrough in our business environment and not only," said Gor Karapetyan, Director of Targeting Company.

The event was intended for business owners, business founders, and top managers.