11:19 | 19.01.24 | News | 15759

Viva University: a long-term investment in youth empowerment

“Viva University” program aims at empowering and narrow specialization of the youth.

Viva-MTS has been consistent about this for more than 8 years in a row. Another group which consisted of 22 students from different universities has gained important experience in sales and customer support during the last 2 months. The graduation certificate is not just a document for them, but a proof of experience and an advantage to find job elsewhere.

“Today you leave Viva-MTS after having gained a rich experience at, which will be highly valuable and relevant to you regardless of the profession you choose. Here you’ve had the chance to acquire in a short time what you might spend years exploring. I believe you noticed that it’s important to manage not only your time and actions, but equally your emotions. And that most successful ones are those who are patient, respectful and lead themselves in the corporate system of values. I congratulate all of you. I hope that your gained knowledge and experience will be the strong foundation you’ll add to later. I am sure that the students completing this program are ready to enter the labor market and succeed, marking high results. I wish you good luck. I’d also like to extend my gratitude to all our employees who spared no effort in giving you important skills,” Viva-MTS General Director Armen Avetisian noted.

During their internships at Viva-MTS service centers in Yerevan and in the regions, the students involved in the fields of sales and customer support discovered the intricacies of internal communication, cross-functional interaction and the important role of teamwork. This was valuable particularly for management students: they are now well-informed that being able to work in leading positions requires starting acquaintance with the work at junior levels. The students have developed effective communication skills in employee-manager, employee-subscriber, and employee-colleague interactions, learned about the products and services the Company offers, and went deep into the marketing tools and strategies of offering them. Nowadays, success comes from turning learning into results. Six of the students have already found their places at Viva-MTS.

During the past year, 44 students from various universities participated in the two phases of the two-month trainings in Yerevan and in the regions. The first phase focused on IT (information technologies), sales, and customer support, and the 22 students of the second phase completed trainings at different service centers of Viva-MTS.