16:43 | 27.02.23 | News | 9629

Orthoses: Yet another success by Viva-MTS and the “Soldier’s home”

For over a year now, Viva-MTS and the “Soldier's home” charity non-governmental organization have committed to provide orthoses to soldiers, who were injured during the 44-day war.

Hayk, 22-year-old, is one of the patients getting treatment as part of the program. The path that Hayk and other young men, who have succeeded in their treatment programs have already passed, is an inspiration for the partner organizations.

Following a wound received from a drone attack during the 44-day war, the young man from Tavush had to reconsider life plans.

“We live in a country where war cannot be ruled out and so men and women of all ages, all of us, have to be prepared for it,” Hayk says.
Hayk prefers acting and showing willpower; to achieve his goals, he travels to Yerevan to get the treatment at the rehabilitation center. He regularly goes to gym sure that he will get the needed support there, too.
The modern orthosis helps him fix his feet in an anatomically proper position, easing the load on his injured joints, limbs, and spine. Hayk’s optimism to win by all means is justified: thanks to the orthosis he now learns to walk without a support.

In 2021 Viva-MTS allotted AMD120 mln for the 3-year program implemented by the “Soldier's home” charity non-governmental organization.