17:53 | 13.02.23 | News | 8779

Viva-MTS continues orthoses program

More than one year ago, Viva-MTS and the Homeland Defender’s (Zinvori tun) Rehabilitation Center implemented a program to help the wounded servicemen get back to life. It is important for the rehabilitation treatment of the soldiers who have suffered spinal cord, brain, as well as upper and lower limb injuries.

Armen from Syuniq is one of the beneficiaries of this program. He wears an orthosis for four months. Compared with static orthoses, the advanced orthoses purchased by the partner organizations do not limit the movement, are lightweight, and are dynamic and functional owing to the elaborate mechanical jointing and structure. The orthoses are able to fix the posture and ensure easy movement.

The main purpose of orthoses is to ensure proper anatomical fixing of posture to ease the load on injured joints or extremities, as well as activation and correction. These efforts allow for a reduction in the load on the human spine and joints, as well as a reduction in muscle tension. At the same time, in the case of problems in the lower limb, they contribute to the restoration of correct biomechanics and the progress of the walking program, as well as the restoration of the functionality of the hands.
The three years program started in 2021. For that, Viva-MTS has allotted AMD 120 million to the Homeland Defender’s (Zinvori tun) Rehabilitation Center.