14:48 | 07.10.22 | News | 4897

External lighting system installed in Vanevan with the support of Viva-MTS

An external lighting system consisting of 40 LED spotlights is planned to be installed in Vanevan community of Gegharkunik region.

Viva-MTS informs that it will mainly illuminate the central street and additionally three frequently used secondary streets.

The village, which has never had street lighting, will be partially illuminated this year. The application of environmental, energy-saving and modern technologies will let have an illuminated village and save money. In general, 1400 meters of road will be illuminated.

“Viva-MTS as an ICT company supports communities with introduction of technological and cost-effective infrastructural solutions, application of environmental, energy-saving modern technologies, consuming 80% less electricity while providing higher brightness,” a news release reads.