18:04 | 07.07.21 | News | 7406

10Web Raises $2M to Automate WordPress Website Building and Hosting

10Web, a startup that automates website hosting and building with AI, announced a $2M funding round for its Automated WordPress Platform from Sierra Ventures and AI Fund.

"Tens of millions of WordPress websites are built every year, and an average website launch takes 5 weeks! We wanted to bring automation to WordPress development to facilitate and speed up this process," said 10Web's CEO Tigran Nazaryan.

The 10Web team has identified three fundamental challenges in WordPress web development.

"The first problem is that developing a WordPress website is mostly manual work. The second problem is the low PageSpeed score which leads to bad SEO performance and ineffective ads. Another problem is shared hostings."

10Web offers three solutions to these problems:

1.    AI Website Builder. By entering a URL, customers can get a WordPress website with the same design built by AI algorithms without copying a single line of the original site's code. The resulting website is optimized, responsive, customizable, and hosted on 10Web.

2.    Better PageSpeed score. Websites hosted on 10Web automatically get a 90+ Google PageSpeed score, allowing them to rank higher and improve conversions.

3.    Higher uptime. 10Web's automated hosting based on Google Cloud infrastructure with 99.99% uptime, automated backups, security scans, fixes, and updates.