17:47 | 11.02.21 | News | 22728

Ucom offers cameras, smartphones and movies to celebrate love

Ucom has come up with various offers for all those who want to celebrate love or Carnival with their close ones.

From February 10-14, to give "a shot of love" to your loved ones, it is possible to buy instax mini 70, instax mini 11 and other instant cameras in cash or credit from Ucom online shop.  

Particularly, the instax mini 70 is available on credit starting from 2410 AMD per month, and the instax mini 11 can be purchased starting from only 1790 AMD per month.  The happiest moments full of love and joy can be captured with a blue, red, white, yellow or pink camera and get the printed photo right away.  The high-performance flash automatically calculates surrounding brightness and adjusts shutter speed accordingly — no need for any special settings. In selfie mode, one can also get perfect close-up photos of objects at a distance of 30-50 cm.

Until February 21, it is possible to buy the iPhone 12 mini smartphone in cash or credit from the Ucom online shop and save 24000 AMD.  The credit is processed for 36 months, starting from 13220 AMD per month.  In case of purchasing the iPhone 12 online, customers will save 25000 AMD, if preferred with an online credit starting from 15280 AMD per month.  Note that in case of an online credit, the interest rate of the bank that provided the loan will be added to the monthly payment.

"By the way, fans of multi-genre movies, cartoons and programs can choose video content from the VoD section of Ucom TV service until February 28 with a 50% discount. On February 14 all the subscribers of this service will be able to enjoy thematic films separated in a special folder without any payment", said Ara Khachatryan, Director General at Ucom.

Let us add that instant cameras and smartphones are presented in a limited number.