13:36 | 18.05.20 | News | 12624

Beeline launches new online office with more features for corporate clients

Beeline has launched a new online business office for corporate clients. It enables business entities to manage the accounts, tariff plans, services and analysis more efficiently, and to activate and de-activate phone numbers.

The new office is equipped with a system that allows referring all inquiries from the digital platform directly to the customer case specialist for corporate clients.

“We have designed an effective e-platform for corporate clients. It is not just a platform to work with the clients’ numbers. We have created a convenient tool for clients to work with our customer care specialists. Based on the feedback, we will continue improving the platform and try to keep it compliant with the requirements of modern business,” said Beeline Armenia CEO Andrey Pyatakhin.

Representatives of corporate clients can also open a business office in the framework of the agreements in their authority, enabling one more person to manage the office.