16:13 | 19.03.20 | News | 58089

Visits to state, educational websites to take no internet traffic volume from Ucom subscribers

Ucom has enabled all its mobile internet users to access a number of state and educational websites without spending the provided volume of internet traffic.

“We would like to announce that starting from today and until the end of the state of emergency, declared by the government of Armenia, visits to certain websites will not take the internet traffic volume provided to our mobile internet users. The websites in question are those of the Ministry of Health, National Center for Disease Control and Prevention of the Health Ministry, the Ministry of Emergency Situations, the Ministry of Education, Science, Culture and Sport, the distance learning web page of the Education Ministry and a number of other official websites which provide information about the state of emergency,” the company said.

Internet traffic will not be charged for visits to the following websites:

Government of Armenia: Gov.am
Prime Minister of Armenia: www.primeminister.am
E-governance system of the government of Armenia: e-gov.am 
The Ministry of Health: Moh.am
National Center for Disease Control and Prevention: ncdc.am
Ministry of Emergency Situat mes.am
Ministry of Education, Science, Culture and Sport: escs.am
Distance learning web page: armedu.am 
Armenian Police: Police.am 
Yerevan Municipality: www.yerevan.am