12:28 | 28.02.20 | News | 9099

Viva-MTS helps solve the housing issue of Brutyan family in Paravakar village

The Brutyans, living in the border village of Paravakar, have lived in a house threatening to collapse for many years. The inherited foundation of the house had weakened over the years.

The leaking roof and the wooden floor were damaged and required an urgent renovation. For the owners of the house, who had survived a war here and without ever thinking of leaving the native village, it was also a matter of honor. The housing problem of this family got into the focus of Viva-MTS’ and Fuller Center for Housing Armenia’s attention, the two partner organizations implementing the housing project.

In the fall of last year, Manvel began the reconstruction works. Due to the extensive work carried out, issues requiring urgent solution have been resolved and conditions have been created for a decent living. The foundations of the house were fully reinforced, the roof and floor were replaced, cozy kitchen and utilities were added, and a reinforced underground shelter, a vital matter for villagers living on the borderland. The entrance to the shelter from the second floor is from the kids’ bedroom.

“Sometimes, when there were shootings, there was no place to hide. Moreover, we had to run away from the house that was on the verge of collapse. Now, the concrete works are done so well that we have a shelter. Even if the second floor is damaged, the basement will remain. The program is extremely important for the families with a housing problem,” said the homeowner, Manvel Brutyan.

Six people live in the rebuilt house. The large family has managed to spend the first winter in their new home and began to focus on other goals.

Owing to the support of Viva-MTS and Fuller Center for Housing Armenia, 5 families have been able to solve a housing problem in Paravakar last year.