15:18 | 02.10.19 | News | 8632

Beeline raises internet volume up to 200GB for Drive tariff plans

Beeline has announced that the internet volume provided to users of Drive tariff plans has been increased.

From now on, existing and new subscribers of Drive post-paid tariff plans will receive more gigabytes for the monthly fee: 30/80/140/200GB instead of the previous 15/40/65/100GB, while users of pre-paid Drive tariff package will have 20/50/80/100GB instead of the previous 15/40/65/100GB.

If customers get an 18-months subscription to a Drive tariff plan, they will be able to buy Beeline 4G Wi-Fi router for just AMD 100.

“Beeline is making the already popular Drive tariff plans even more convenient. We take into account the feedback from our subscribers and try to provide larger internet volume without changing the price. I am certain out clients will enjoy using the additional gigabytes of super fast Beeline internet,” said Beeline Armenia CEO Andrey Pyatakhin.