10:49 | 16.08.19 | News | 13248

VivaCell-MTS supports illumination of Hamo Sahyan's birthplace

In the village of Lor, of Syunik province, people say that Lor is illuminated by Hamo Sahyan. More seriously, they expect to see the village on the tourist-friendly settlements map. They support their optimism by facts: The poet's birthplace has a rich cultural history, and the problem of the village’s street lighting has begun to be solved. In this regard, they are assisted by the partners, VivaCell-MTS and the Foundation for the Preservation of Wildlife and Cultural Assets (FPWC), who focus on the development of the infrastructures in the rural areas in their programs.

The lighting posts installation works has already begun. It is envisaged to illuminate a part of the village with LED lights system providing economic and environmental efficiency by installing 32 lamps. The works’ roadmap also includes the area of the famous poet's house-museum.

Davit Arustamyan, the administrative head of the village, assesses the importance of the ongoing works in terms of safety, the promotion of eco-tourism, and just having normal conditions. After the collapse of the Soviet system, the streets of the village were not illuminated. The farmers who work in cattle breeding don’t have barns in their yards. They travel kilometers to reach the collective farm’s barns, remaining from the Soviet era. The dark streets become dangerous because of wolves’ attacks.

“The street lighting of Lor is one of the most important problems for the town. There have been cases of wolf attacks in the village, at night. Solving the issue is important both for human safety and for the development of eco-tourism. Hamo Sahyan's house-museum is located, here. I am sure that lighting will also contribute to the development of tourism,” said administrative head of the Lori village, Davit Arustamyan.

The remote regions of Armenia continue to be at the focus of partner organizations. In order to solve the existing problems in many settlements, the works are coordinated over the years. The previous project of VivaCell-MTS and the Foundation for the Preservation of Wildlife and Cultural Assets (FPWC) was implemented in Lor, four years ago. The village was provided with 24-hour water supply, then. A 2 km. long pipeline has been constructed, a daily water supply reservoir and a water tank have been renovated and fenced.