14:35 | 02.08.19 | News | 13029

Ucom subscribers to enjoy lower roaming rates in Artsakh

Mobile subscribers of Ucom will have the chance to always stay in touch with their close ones living in Armenia at reduced roaming rates in Artsakh.

As from August 1, 2019, Ucom subscribers will enjoy the following reduced roaming rates while travelling to Artsakh: calls to Armenia and local numbers shall cost 38 AMD/min, incoming calls will be 25 AMD/min and SMSs will cost 40 AMD/SMS.

"Before that, the change of the existing rates became possible as a result of the review of roaming rates during the discussion among the participants of the working group set up to reduce roaming rates in Artsakh. The working group was set up by order of the RA Minister of High-Tech Industry, at the initiative of RA PSRC and was composed of the representatives of Artsakh Ministry of Economy and Industrial Infrastructures, the State Commission for the Regulation of Public Services and Economic Competition of Artsakh and Karabakh Telecom," noted Hayk Yesayan, Co-founder and Director General at Ucom.

It should be noted that Ucom participated in the discussion with great willingness and agreed to make all the necessary efforts to amend the relevant legal regulations to ensure further reduction of roaming rates. Ucom is also ready to contribute to the process of defining the basic principles and approaches of tariff regulation.