11:02 | 12.07.19 | Armenia Startup Academy | exclusive 25842

Armenia Startup Academy graduates: Cerebrus


In this column Itel.am presents the fourth batch of Armenia Startup Academy graduates.

Cerebrus makes AI-based business analytical platforms that enable enterprises to collect the data on how the business is faring, predictions on how it will develop in the near future, and the data required for improvement of key indicators of the business.

The startup was founded by Ruben Hambardzumyan (CEO) and Narek Hayrapetyan (CTO).

According to Hambardzumyan, Cerebrus targets small and medium U.S. businesses that generate at least USD 1m profit annually.

“There are three types of analytics: descriptive, predictive and prescriptive. Most analytical platforms focus on the first type, because it’s the easiest, but Cerebrus offers all three, integrating AI into business,” he said.

Ruben Hambardzumyan has told Itel.am that participation in the Armenia Startup Academy accelerator enabled the Cerebrus team to establish new connections and consolidate the knowledge of startups.

Hambardzumyan and Hayrapetyan plan to develop a minimum viable product within a year, which will allow them to test it for the existing customers, and then participate in seed fund raising.

Narine Daneghyan