12:44 | 24.06.19 | News | 6568

Ucom supports the 11th “BarCamp Yerevan 2019” (un)conference

With the support of Ucom, the most wanted IT event - the 11th “BarCamp Yerevan 2019” (un)conference took place in Yerevan on 22-23 June, which brought together under the same roof thousands of ICT specialists.

Ucom is the general partner of BarCamp Yerevan for already 6 years. The aim of the (un)conference is to promote exchange of knowledge, skills and experience, as well as establish new relations in IT sector.

"As a socially responsible Armenian operator, this year Ucom has encouraged its employees to share their own experience with BarCampers. Classical perceptions of telecom market are already outdated, and the era of narrow specializations is no longer topical. In the near future, machines and algorithms will give many professional solutions to the existing needs. The era of Big Data and IoT, which today has brought forward incomparably more complex problems than ever, obliges businesses to prepare their own staff independently, not to rely on classical education and constantly share their existing experience with others. Due to the scope of their daily activities, our technical staff and product developers deal with many systems and technologies and are always ready to share the valuable experience and knowledge they gain in multiple fields. I'm quite sure that the founders of many startups will find these experience and knowledge applicable and useful," said Hayk Yesayan, the Co-founder and Director General at Ucom.

At the (un)conference, Ucom specialists covered such topics as digital identity and its traces on the internet, creation of working products from scratch, accurate formulation of technical aspects of newly developed products in technical specifications and the peculiarities of presentation of products on online platforms. Among the speakers of the (un)conference there were also international guests from Russia (Yura Parsamov and Anastasia Kalashnikova), Germany (Amir Sarabadani and Thomas Arrow), Spain (Stephen Asadorian) and Georgia (Lasha Shonia).

As in previous years, the best IT specialists held master classes. In the framework of the (un)conference, the traditional career fair took place, where dozens of ICT companies took part in.

BarCamp Yerevan can be found on Facebook, Twitter at @barcampam and Instagram. The official hashtag of the (un)conference is #barcampevn19.

BarCamp is an event format, which allows holding open discussions and free exchange of ideas in an informal environment. All the events held in the framework of BarCamp Yerevan are fully organized by joint efforts of volunteers, who represent IT technology and media sectors in Armenia. BarCamp has been held in Armenia since 2009. The number of participants of the first BarCamp Yerevan reached 300, while 10 years later this number was 3000.