13:12 | 30.05.19 | News | 7470

Beeline starts promotion for buyers of iPhone

Beeline has announced a promotion for buyers of iPhone.

By subscribing to Smart 2500+ package until June 10 of 2019, the customers will be able to acquire smartphones of the popular brand and get 25GB internet for a month with AMD 20 000 cashback into the account. The company also offers sale of smartphones by installments.

“We often ask subscribers their opinions on how we can make our services and products more convenient and attractive. In the majority of cases they ask us to make the variety of Apple smartphones more affordable. By buying iPhone from Beeline, our subscribers will be able to choose the preferred phone from our rich collection, as well as make the purchase more beneficial,” Beeline Armenia CEO Andrey Pyatakhin said.

Within the frames of the promotion, Apple smartphones will be available from Phone 6S to the latest iPhone Xs Max.