Ucom has reshuffled and doubled the internet volume provided with «uPrepaid» service. From now on the new and existing subscribers of u1000, u1500, u2000 and u3000 Prepaid tariff plans in addition to the possibility of calling unlimitedly to all Ucom mobile subscribers will also have the doubled volume of gigabytes to use the mobile applications and follow the world news.

In particular, the subscribers of u1000 tariff plan will receive 2 GB of mobile internet instead of the previous 1 GB, while the users of u1500 will get 3 GB instead of the previous 1,5 GB. The subscribers of u2000 prepaid tariff plan will receive 4 GB of internet instead of the previous 2 GB, and, as usual, 150 minutes to call all local networks and Artsakh. u3000 users will enjoy 6 GB internet volume instead of the previous 3 GB and will also get 200 minutes to call all local networks and Artsakh.

«The Prepaid tariff plan customers are a serious segment of the Armenian mobile market. Today, when the world communicates online, we, as a customer-centric Armenian operator, were obliged to reshuffle the internet volume provided to our customers and offer solution with the best price-quality ratio», said Hayk Yesayan, the Co-founder and Director General at Ucom.

Let us add, that the inclusions of each tariff plan of the uPrepaid service will be valid for 30 days. Those will be automatically reactivated after 30 days for a corresponding amount, charged from the customer’s account.