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Digital health through mobile app

Founded by two Armenians, Anteo Health developed an app, which allows users to receive medical services through their smartphones, saving time and money.

The founder of the startup Anthony Avedissian provided details in an interview to Itel.am.

The app is available on Google Play.

17 doctors and 50 patients use the app, launched in November of 2018. It was designed for American healthcare system, and currently the authors work on upgrading the app and making it more popular.

“We provide a platform, which gives an opportunity to receive individual and affordable medical services, help doctors work with flexibility, allowing them to consult more patients and make more revenues,” Anthony clarified, adding that the app is concentrated on patients who need regular and long-term care.

According to Anthony, medical care in U.S. is quite expensive and time-consuming both for the patients and the doctor, which is why the authors are sure about the success of their startup.

“The main issue was the fact that doctors had to write medical programs to use the app, which took them 1-2 months. We were able to start cooperation with State University of New York, and currently we are working on preparing those medial programs to provide doctors with ready product in the future,” the startup founder said.

Anthony has recently visited Armenia for several months. Together with his teammates he has conducted discussions with doctors of 3 hospitals of Armenia to understand the perspectives of the application in the country.

“The doctors are concerned that the patients won’t be able to fully use the app. Besides, people in Armenia are less worried about their health, while Anteo will allow them to care for it on their own,” Anthony notes.

Nevertheless, he is convinced that the app will be useful for residents of Armenian marzes in terms of making medical services cheaper, the direction in which the team is definitely going to work in the future.

Let us remind that Anteo Health is among the graduates of the third batch of Armenia Startup Academy, as well as one of the winners of Neruzh program in 2018.

Gayane Yenokyan