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The Last Daredevil: Armenian company is producing a game about David of Sasoun

Armenian gamemaking company Cyber Mantis Games is working on The Last Daredevil, a game dedicated to Armenian epic hero David of Sasoun.

The company’s team of 8 people is developing this “hack and slash” game.

Cyber Mantis Games team Cyber Mantis Games team

Cyber Mantis Games Executive Director Albert Hovakimyan has told Itel.am that the plan is to get the demo version ready in a year.

“We want to demonstrate the demo version to influential people of the field to hear their opinions and suggestions. We also want to get a deal with an indie game publisher, for instance, Devolver Digital or Raw Fury,” he said.

A shot from The Last Daredevil A shot from The Last Daredevil

Cyber Mantis Games won a grant from the EU4Business Science and Technology Entrepreneurship (EU4Business STEP2) program in November 2018. According to Albert Hovakimyan, they will use the funds to create the game and afterwards they plan to sign a contract with a game publisher.

A shot from The Last Daredevil A shot from The Last Daredevil

“In this field newbies find it easier to progress if an established publisher is willing to help. Before the grant, we had the technical demo version of the game, and now we have expanded the team to improve the demo version,” said Hovakimyan, adding that The Last Daredevil will be available in almost all languages widely spoken in Europe.