10:13 | 23.05.22 | News | 16576

COVID-19 has accelerated the pace of digital transformation of Viva-MTS

Viva-MTS General Manger Ralph Yirikian said that COVID-19 has accelerated the pace of digital transformation for many businesses including Viva-MTS.

“Change is important because managers and companies that ignore the necessity for going into changes on continuous basis and fail to bring about timely change in appropriate ways are unlikely to survive. Managers and companies are faced with highly dynamic and complex environments. Any company that ignores risk factors and is not capable of identifying international trends and growth opportunities, will do so at its own risk”, said Ralph Yirikian addressing the Yerevan Tech Forum 2022 on May 21.

“We started the process of digitalization from clear vision by applying strategy and instruments, in order to make our services and performance more flexible and adaptive to the ever-changing business environment. We had a vision, and our vision reflected that while continuing to provide telecommunications services, we are growing into a digital company that offers a variety of digitalized services”, added Ralph Yirikian.